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STM Token IEO STMTokensAbout IEO

The Seven Trust Mongolia Project aims to address various issues faced by Mongolia, by connecting a cryptocurrency exchange, established by us (NOMAD), to cryptocurrencies related to a number of Mongolian enterprises.

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Establishment of cryptocurrency exchange

A Cryptocurrency Exchange (NOMAD) based in Mongolia will be required as a hub for all the Seven Trust Mongolia Project businesses. Establishing it will be our very first undertaking.

Gold Mine Development Business

We invest in the owners for gold mining to make a profit. Eventually, we will issue stablecoins, using the gold we obtain from Seven Trust Mongolia Project mining as security.

EC Business

We are partnered with, which is now Mongolia’s biggest EC website. Utility Tokens (SHP Tokens), which can be exchanged for points, will be issued and will be listed at NOMAD.

The Construction Of
The Project Project Structure

Seven Trust Mongolia Project aims to establish a new economic bloc with STM tokens as the mainstay of each enterprise and a connection with that and the cryptocurrency most appropriate for that business.To be specific, the funds procured with STM Tokens will be used to found the exchange (NOMAD), and a proportion of the proceeds of both the exchange and each business will be returned as dividends.
The tokens that are most suitable for each business will be issued and listed on the exchange.
Those business tokens will then be distributed to the STM token holders for free through the exchange.

Cryptocurrency Exchange(NOMAD) ABOUT NOMAD

NOMAD is confirmed to become a member of ABCCC.
ABCCC stands for “Asia Blockchain Crypto-Currency Consortium”, which is a network of exchanges in Asia and Japan. They conduct research to improve blockchain technology, as well as support the global study of cryptocurrency. Becoming a member of ABCCC makes it possible to secure market liquidity and customer sharing.NOMAD also has the following features.

  • Transaction in Legal Tender are Possible
  • Issue of Exchange Tokens
  • Peer-to-peer lending with Cryptocurrency

Exchanges where tokens can be purchased

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Cooperation companies


Seven Trust Mongolia LLC

+976 77114308;

Sukhbaatar district, 1st khoroo Chinggis street 8,
Altai Group office 2F, Ulaanbaatar city (14251) Mongolia

Representative name Bayarsaikhan Purevjanaa

Date of establishment December 6, 2018